2700 Series Fulcrum Tremolo System


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Kahler International, Inc. is making double-locking fulcrum tremolos again!
Our classic Steeler and Spyder fulcrum series are back by popular demand. The Spyder will be part of a limited run of new old stock and The Steeler is back with some serious upgrades.


It’s the end of an era for The Spyder so get them while you can! Deep in the Kahler Vault we found enough new old stock parts to give you one last run of the The Spyder fulcrum tremolo. We’ve added domed tuners for additional comfort and given you the choice of a standard block with, or without the Kahler Auto Latch which turns your floating bridge to fixed with a flick of the trem arm. As always, The Spyder will come equipped with double-locking features.
**DISCLAIMER: The installation of a Spyder will require modifications to properly fit the plate, studs, and block unless your guitar was originally built with a Spyder tremolo.**


Our most advanced double-locking fulcrum tremolo ever made is back with new upgrades and options! Coming in two styles, The Steeler Traditional and The Steeler Professional, both have been given domed tuners for additional comfort and you now have the choice of 4 different block styles.
The Steeler Traditional saddle has been upgraded with a new thumb block designed not to fall out and help keep the string centered on the saddle.
Don’t bother cutting off the balls for The Steeler Professional series, and don’t worry it’s still double-locking!
Both Steelers will come with 4 block options:

  1. The Kahler Standard Block
  2. The Kahler Auto Latch Block: turn your bridge from floating to fixed with the flick of the trem arm
  3. The NEW Blunt Fatty Big Brass Block (B.B.B): extra thickness for extra resonance
  4. The NEW Godiva Big Brass Block: strategically carved in all the right places to give you extra travel in both directions

NOTE: Both NEW Big Brass Block options are designed to be convertible from 32mm, 37mm, and 42mm with the use of our Brass Stacker Plates that come with every block.
**DISCLAIMER: The installation of The Spyder with a Standard Block or Auto Latch Block may require modifications made to the body in order to fit the block. Both NEW Brass Block options will be a drop in for MOST standard brass blocks, regardless of the block length.**

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Spyder, Steeler

Saddle Choice

Professional, Spyder, Traditional

Block Assembly

Blunt Fatty B.B.B, Godiva B.B.B, Kahler Auto Latch, Kahler Standard


Bright Chrome, Black Krome, Gold

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