Alfred potter is an instrumental progressive metal guitarist and prominent online guitar teacher. He has released two albums: “Argonaut” and “Splendor of Sands”, within which his various influences can be heard. Players such as Michael Romeo, Vinnie Moore, and Tony MacAlpine are some of the familiar flavours detectable in his works.

In addition to recording music, he has published a suite of guitar tuition eBooks and video packages. Most noteworthy would be the “Lead Guitar Practice Methodology” eBook, and the “Sweep Picking Master” video course.

He plays with Hawk Picks (2mm Tonebird 8 model) and has the Kahler 2300 Pro (with steel cam and rollers) on the majority of his guitars.

“The Kahler bridge system is simply the world’s finest. Unlike with other tremolo bridges, you don’t have to scoop out vast amounts of wood to install it (sacrificing precious tone), and the ability to effortlessly dive, pull up, and contour notes is second to none”.     – Alfred Potter