Buyer Beware

Counterfeit Kahler products are being sold online, mainly from China and Israel. These sites advertise a “used genuine Kahler” and then send a counterfeit unit to the unfortunate buyer.

Do You Know How to Spot a Fake Kahler?

Counterfeit Kahler

  1. If it’s a “new Kahler 4300 X-Trem,” IT’S A FAKE. The real Kahler 4300 X-Trem was sold to guitar manufacturers for installation in guitars in overseas factories. They have never been available for individual resale. An actual used Kahler X-Trem will have lines scratched on the cam from the strings.
  2. If it doesn’t say Kahler on it at all or if the Kahler name on the unit is nothing more than a decal or a sticker, IT’S A FAKE. Kahler always engraves or stamps the Kahler trademark into the metal frame. There are no “unbranded” Kahler units or prototypes out there.
  3. If it is metric, IT’S A FAKE. All Kahler hardware is made with SAE measurements (inches and fractions of inches), not metric.
  4. Genuine Kahler arms have heavy, solid brass tips screwed on. No heavy tip, IT’S A FAKE.
  5. Kahler has no distributors in China or Israel.
Genuine Kahler

Genuine Kahler


Kahler cannot warranty nor guarantee these fake products, and their parts are not interchangeable with genuine Kahler parts. If you aren’t sure, send us a picture and ask us, we’re happy to help you.

Gary Kahler
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