Kahler International. The best guitar and bass tremolos on the planet.

Kahler 2300 Professional Flat Mount Guitar Tremolo

2300 Series

Order your Flat Mount Guitar Tremolo from Kahler. Pick your color, saddles and more.

Kahler 2200 Professional Stud Mount Guitar Tremolo

2200 Series

Do you have an LP guitar? This bridge is for you. Order today.

Kahler 2400 Professional Bass Tremolo

2400 Series

Available in Forward or Rearward Saddles. Several adjustment options.

Kahler 2440 Professional Bass Fixed Bridge

2440 Series

One word, adjustability. With our modular system, you can move the spacing with ease.

Kahler 2200 Series Multi-Scale Tremolos


Only Kahler combines our tremolos with the extensive tuning possibilities of a multi-scale FF.

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